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Sierra Nevada Conservancy Releases Annual Report

Once a year the Sierra Nevada Conservancy releases a report providing an overview of what is needed to help restore the Sierra to ecological health and supply abundant clean water to Californians. This year’s report contains five key highlights several which directly impact Nevada County. Assistant Executive Officer for the Conservancy, Joan Keegan says addressing the impact of legacy mining is one highlight. On grant project is at Combie Reservoir.
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The project is also a pilot for other reservoirs that have dams downstream from past mining activity where sediments contain high levels of Mercury.
A second project is at Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park.
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Izzy Martin and the Sierra Fund is actively involved with the Malakoff project as well as education efforts on mercury in the food chain.
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Another highlight of the report that relates to Nevada county is the use of forest biomass to create energy. Keegan says that today’s forests are overstocked and a threat to large scale forest fires like the Rim Fire.
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Other highlights of the annual report include the Sierra Nevada Forest and Community Initiative which is a collaborative approach to solving disagreements over forest management and environmental protection.

The full report is available on the Sierra Nevada Conservancy website.

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