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Sierra Nevada Medical Group Welcomes Dr. Janette Carpenter

Sierra Nevada Medical Group has expanded its medical services with the addition of Otolaryngologist or ear, nose and throat specialist, Janette Carpenter. Dr. Carpenter joins Sierra Nevada from Southern California where she finished her residency. Dr Carpenter explains the services she will be providing our community.

“Problems with sinus and allergies, problems with voice and swallowing, problems with the thyroid, tumors in the thyroid or anything in the face and skin as well as things like facial plastic surgery or injectables or problems in children, hearing and I can offer a lot in assessments as well as surgical procedures in all of those areas of the head and neck.”

Dr. Carpenter is accepting new patients but due to dozens of referrals she does caution there may be a wait to get in. to make an appointment call 477-4480.

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