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Signatures Gathered Opposing Nevada City's Loitering Ordinance

It has been only two months since the Nevada City City Council adopted a new anti-loitering ordinance and already a group has enough signatures to file a referendum petition against it.

City resident and attorney Stephen Greenberg says the opposition to this loitering ordinance is similar to opposition to another anti-loitering ordinance adopted in Nevada City in 1997. Greenberg describes one element in both ordinances that is drawing opposition.

“That’s the one that would make it a crime to be on the sidewalk including standing on the sidewalk including one person on the sidewalk if it interferes with the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Another element in the new ordinance would make it a crime to be in a municipal parking lot unless you are in your car or walking through, or using the restroom.  The city council passed the ordinance 4 to 1 with Robert Bergman the lone no vote.  The group needs 196 valid signatures representing 10 percent of Nevada City’s registered voters be valid.  If that occurs, then the ordinance will return to the City Council for reconsideration. They can either repeal it or place it on the ballot.

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