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Skeletal Remains Discovered near Roseville Area Golf Course

Placer County Detectives are trying to unravel the puzzle of a human skeleton discovered last night. Sheriff’s spokesperson Dena Erwin says the remains were discovered by a passer-by.

“Well last night, about 5:00 a passerby spotted what they thought was skeletal remains near the Morgan Creek Golf Course in West Roseville. We responded and deputies determined that it was a skeleton.”

An autopsy will be performed today in an effort to determine the cause of death and identity. But Erwin says that may take some time.

“Due to the condition of the body, it appeared to be under water for a long time, so we’re going to be using probably DNA testing to help determine the identity of the person.”

At this point it is not known if the remains discovered near the Morgan Creek Golf Course are male or female.

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