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Skydiver Found in El Dorado County

The body of a skydiver has been recovered in El Dorado county. The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office began receiving calls around 8:45 AM regarding a skydiving accident near Camp Richardson in South Lake Tahoe.  The callers reported that three skydivers had landed in the lake and all appeared to be in distress.

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office Patrol and Marine units headed for the area. Many other local agencies to include the US Coast Guard, South Lake Tahoe Fire, California Fish and Game, California Highway Patrol Air units and Fallon Air Force Base Air units all responded to help rescue the skydivers.  Lt. Tim Becker says the first two skydivers were rescued, but the third could not be found.

El Dorado County Skydiver 1

At 10:45 AM searchers located the third skydiver submerged in the lake identified as twenty nine year old Robert Ran-ier-i of South lake Tahoe.
According to the other two skydivers, the three are experienced skydivers and rented a flight on a helicopter with the intent to skydive over Lake Tahoe and land on the shore line near Camp Richardson.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the three ended up in the water of South Lake Tahoe.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office and the Federal Aviation Administration is currently investigating the accident.

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