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Slick Brakes Cause Collision

An evasive maneuver by a driver avoided one mishap but contributed to a more serious accident a short time later. Thursday morning a 78 year old Grass valley man was transporting 10 gallons of diesel fuel in five gallon containers in the bed of his pickup heading east bound on Greenhorn Rd. CHP Officer Greg Tassone says the man had to slam on his brakes in order to avoid a dog that darted into the roadway.
Click here to listen to Officer Greg Tassone

As a result, the driver lost control as he entered the sharp left turn near Hogan Hill Rd and began to fishtail and slide across the road eventually hitting a PG and E utility pole. The man suffered moderate injuries to his face and shoulders.
Tassone says that the injuries could have been substantially less serious if the driver had been wearing his seat belt.

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