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Smartsville Subdivision Without Water

Residents of the Gold Village subdivision of Smartsville are without water right now, and have been since last night. The county shut off the taps yesterday just minutes after notifying residents with a flyer on their doors that the well serving the community had run dry. Jarrod Stranahan lives in that subdivision and says conditions are pretty bad…

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He says there’s not much information coming from Yuba County about the situation, but code enforcement officials were out handing out pamphlets this morning…

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Stranahan says the residents hope to know more some time this evening. Homeowners say they’ve had problems in the past where the water has run low. There are approximately 90 homeowners in Gold Village, and they pay 324 dollars a month for water and sewer.


September 6, 2013


I am anxious to see how this situation is resolved by Yuba County....How are they going to make these homeowners whole and to be assured this will not ever happen again?

September 10, 2013


What a rip off having to pay that much a month. And you are only allowed to water your lawn every other day at the most. I would be considering a lawsuit!

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