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Snow and Traffic Cause Emergency Services Delays

Snarled traffic effected emergency service calls for help during Tuesday’s snowstorm. Grass Valley Fire Chief Tony Clairbut says one of the fire trucks from Station 2 on Sierra College Drive was trying to respond to a tree into a home on Empire Street. After struggling to get a quarter of a mile from the station to East Main Street the engine was cancelled.
Click here to listen to Chief Tony Claribut

Law enforcement is saying many of the problems related to Tuesdays snow fall were drivers abandoning their cars. Grass Valley Police Captain Rex Marks says drivers became stuck in the snow and then walked away from the car. Marks says at one period seven cars were abandoned between Sierra College Drive and Hughes Road. The abandon cars were towed to clear the roads.
Click here to listen to Captain Rex Marks

The driver of the car is responsible for the cost of the tow, which will cost several hundred dollars and a storage fee for keeping the car. Captain Marks is encouraging drivers to have emergency equipment in their car. He advises to have chains and know how to use them.

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