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Some Cancer Drugs in Short Supply

There is a rapidly escalating problem in the medical community that is affecting people in our County. Doctors of Cancer patients who cannot get the drugs they need for recommended treatment, because the pharmaceutical companies are not manufacturing them in large enough supply.  Dr. Richard Evans is co Director of the Oncology Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.

“My understanding is that the pharmaceutical companies would like to spend their production capacity making drugs where they make the most money. But what is happening is we’re starting to see a number of drug shortages and anti-cancer drugs for certain, I’m not sure about other fields.”

Dr. Evans says just last week a member of his staff reported his frustration in trying to get the drugs needed to treat a patient.

“I talked with Dr. David Campbell who is a medical oncologist. He just got a patient referred back up from Stanford for a recommendation to have one of two chemotherapy regimens and one of those regimens we can’t do right now because he can’t obtain one of the drugs as part of that regimen. So this has very real impact on our lives right now in this community and communities across the country where oncologists are having a hard time finding the drugs they need to use.”

Doctors say this is a new problem that has just been developing the past few months.

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