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South Sutter Water District Presents Garden Bar Dam Concept to NID

An out of county water agency is teaming up with water districts in Napa County and Southern California to propose a dam and reservoir be build on the Bear River at Garden Bar in Sutter County.  Nevada Irrigation District General Manager Ron Nelson says a representative from the South Sutter Water District has been invited to   present their plan to the NID Board.

“My understanding is that there are several different sizes of reservoirs that are under consideration. So they’re going to come before our Board of Directors and staff and explain all this to us at our regular scheduled board meeting on October 12th.”

 Nelson explains NID has a vested interest in the Bear River and any actions that would impact it’s water flows.

“Yeah, we’re always sensitive to projects, water projects in our region that have a potential of influencing our operations and I think one of the reasons for having them come up and speak to us directly so we understand what is proposed and we can ask informed questions about the impact to our systems.”

 The NID Board meeting gets underway at 9a.m. Wednesday at the NID Headquarters 1036 West Main Street.  The public is welcome to attend.

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