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South Yuba River State Park Will Stay Open

The Yuba Express caravan rolled into Sacramento this morning to deliver a message to the Governor and the State Parks system that Nevada County is committed to keeping the South Yuba River Parks open.  and according to Grass Valley Charter School Parent volunteer, Tom Mooers ..it looks like they were successful.*


“The Yuba express came down to the Capital, we filled one of the big historic meeting rooms, heard some words of wisdom from some of the leaders of the effort, and then secretary John Larid joined us and happily announced that we have saved Yuba river Sate Park”


There was such a wide spread and collective effort with school children doing their work,  people collecting more than 10,000 signatures and the elected officials agreeing to work with the state to figure out a way to get some paid parking at Bridgeport.  Mooers says that was really important for the state to hear.  Grass valley Charter school 4th grader Wes Forslund Mooers says He put a lot of work into the project.


“We presented 10 thousand petitions to state officials and John Laird says the park gets to stay open, the South Yuba River state park gets to stay open”


The Yuba Express group says there is still more work to do to  insure that the  Malikoff Diggins State Park is also removed from the closure list. Efforts are underway in that arena to show the state there are ways to  cut operating costs at that park by installing a solar system.

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