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SPD Shopping Spree Winner Takes Home $1,900 in Groceries

The SPD shopping spree is now history. The lucky winner 25 year old Curtis Campbell was able to collect one thousand nine hundred and six dollars and 76 cents worth of groceries from the Grass Valley SPD Market in 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

“It was actually pretty crazy. I thought I had a game plan going in, but when you’re in the moment, you just kind of see and grab. So I tried to grab as much as I can and try to take advantage of this opportunity because it’s really great, especially in this time of need. I plan on donating a turkey dinner to the Food Bank.”

The 25 year old Campbell is an employee of Byers Leaf Guard He has a 2 and a half month old son and stay at home mom to support.  He says he thanks SPD for the opportunity to shop the store for free.

“Nineteen hundred dollars worth of food in 8 minutes, you just don’t do that every day. So it was really great.”

SPD Grocery Store owner David Painter says he was pleased with the way the contest turned out.

“That’s a lot of groceries. It’s way more than I thought he was going get and that’s great. Curtis seems like a really good kid and all of that stuff is going to a great home.”

Not that it matters, but Curtis saved $150 dollars in sale items.


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