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Speaker Night Features Antique Photographs

The Nevada County Historical Society Speaker Night presentation this evening (Thursday April 19 ) will feature “Collecting Antique Photographs” with Nevada County resident, Carl Mautz who is the author of Biographies of Western Photographers, and publishes books on western photography and local California history. Mautz has been collecting antique photographs for 40 years and, presents photography from the Daguerreotype to the glass plate images popular in the civil war and beyond.

click to hear Carl Mautz

In the 17 years since living in Nevada County, Mautz has acquired a fascinating array of images in many different formats from the Nevada county area.He will present a visual review of part of his collection and add commentary on some of the early photographers, the formats that were used in 19th century photography, and collecting antique photographs in general. The Speaker Night presentation is at the Community Room of the Madelyn Helling Library tonight beginning at 7pm. It is free and open to the public.

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April 20, 2012

A. Lynch

Wish I could be there. These images add so much to a family story.

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