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Special Delivery from Penn Valley Post Office to Jail

A suspect that knew he had too much to drink and had smoked some marijuana thought it was a good idea to park and sleep athe Penn Valley post office. A Sheriff Deputy on duty in the area around 11:30 PM Tuesday night noticed a car parked in the lot and because of prior trespassing issues decided to check out the situation. When the officer reached the vehicle he noticed a man laying in the back sat. At that time he tried to make contact with the subject, later identified as 27 year old Wesley Eckardt of North San Juan. After banging on the window several times with no response, the deputy opened the door.

Click here to listen to Sheriff Keith Royal

The deputy could smell the strong sent of marijuana in the vehicle. When he asked Eckardt if he had any illegal items on his person Eckardt told him he had a meth pipe in his pocket. A further search of the subject turned up additional drug related items.

Click here to listen to Sheriff Keith Royal

As a result Wesley Eckardt was transported from the post office, special delivery, to the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility.

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