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Special Senate Election in January

Get ready to vote again.  There will be a special election next month to fill the state senate seat in District Four, which includes most of Nevada and Placer Counties. Elise Strickler with the Nevada County Clerk-Recorder’s office says this process all started when Doug LaMalfa resigned during the middle of his term…

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According to the state elections office, Republican Jim Nielsen received 49.8 percent of the vote, just short of a majority, while Democrat Mickey Harrington receieved 27.7 percent. LaMalfa was elected to Congress in November. Voting in Nevada County will be done primarily by mail, but there will still be several polling places open. Strickler says if you don’t like those choices, there is another option…

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The district does not include Truckee and part of Chicago Park. Strickler says election notices will be mailed out on Friday, and you should receive a sample ballot no later than December 18. The sample ballot will list your polling place on the back. Election day is January 8.

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