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Speed Limit Change on Combie Road Approved by County

The Speed limit on Combie Road will be increasing from 35 to 40 miles per hour just as soon as the roads department can put up new signs.  County Public Works Director, Doug Farrell explains the new speed limit is to reflect the driving habits of motorists in the area.

“In order for a road to be eligible for radar speed enforcement, the vehicle code requires that speed studies be done every five years. With this in mind, speed studies for Combie Road were updated in June of this year. To set speed limits the vehicle code requires that speed limits be set at the nearest five mile per hour increment to the 85th percentile speed. This is based on the assumption that of 100 people driving on the road, 85% will be driving at a safe speed.”

The speed limit change will affect Combie Road from the intersection with Highway 49 for one eighth of a mile to the school zone at Magnolia Road and for 2.8 miles on Combie from Magnolia Road to Robles Road.  The County roads department is continuously looking at the accident rate and if there is an increase in accidents they will do another traffic study in the area.

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