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State Board of Education Approves District Consolidation Waiver

Wednesday the State Board of Education approved a waiver that will streamline the consolidation of Penn Valley School Districts and save taxpayers thousands of dollars if the County approves the consolidation of Pleasant Valley School District and Ready Springs Union School District. The waiver approval took place on Day 1 of the Board of Education’s regularly scheduled meeting in Sacramento.

According to Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, Holly Hermansen, at a town hall meeting in Penn Valley, the district consolidation process can take up to two years if the State rather than the county handles the approval process. Part of the approval process requires an election take place. By approving the waiver and keeping the consolidation process local, the county will save both time and money.
Click here to listen to Holly Hermansen

The County Committee on School District Organization has already held two public informational meetings regarding the Penn Valley Consolidation. A third meeting is scheduled for January 23 at Williams Ranch School. The Committee will then study the information from those meetings as well as other financial and administrative data and produce a report and generate a recommendation to approve or not approve the consolidation.

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