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State Budget Crisis Sends Prison Inmates to County Jails

The plan during the state budget crisis to send inmates back to county jails has been modified. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says nonviolent prisoners with a sentence of three years or less will serve their time in county jail. The Sheriff   outlines how the process will work.

“They’re non-violent sex offenders, they’re non-violent criminals, or at least they have a history of non-violent crimes and they have a sentence of three years or less. Those folks would be candidates, then, to be sentenced to county jails.”

Under the current system any prisoner with a sentence of more than one year is sent to state prison. The Sheriff does not see a major impact on the Wayne Brown correctional Facility but says the impact could be catastrophic for jails like Los Angles. The new system is being used to lower state prison costs and to lower state prison populations. State prisons are currently at 180-percent of capacity.  By next June officials say they’ll be at 155-percent.  The state was ordered to reduce prison overcrowding in order to improve medical and mental health conditions of inmates.

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