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State of the Schools Report

Not much has changed for Nevada County Schools since last year according to a report from Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Holly Hermanson presented to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors this week.  Schools are still struggling under budget cuts and K-12 Education continues to take the biggest cuts in general fund expenditures.  The Governor’s 2012-2013 budget recognizes that education has received more than its proportional share of cuts and has attempted to protect education. The governor’s solutions attempt to repair the structural deficits in the budget. Hermanson says the budget proposal attempts to keep education funding relatively flat, but also holds a ‘Trigger’ provision for cuts if tax measures do not get on the ballot or fail in November.

Nevada County has 10 school districts,  k-8 and 1 High School District, 5 One-school Districts and 10 Charter Schools.    When talking about the difference between traditional and Charter Schools Hermanson received a question from Board Chair Ted Owens.
click to hear Holly Hermanson
Hermanson says the number of charter schools in Nevada County has been increasing but the enrollment in county schools has been declining for the past 12 years. She says there are now  approximately 12 thousand students.


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