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Still No Repairs to Main Street Spring

Water continues to bubble up and run down Main Street, and Grass Valley officials are getting a little frustrated with the people responsible…

Tricia Tillotson 1

That’s Grass Valley Senior Civil Engineer and Deputy Director of Public Works Tricia Tillotson. A company called Central Valley Independent Network was digging in the area to put in telecommunication lines when they struck water. Tillotson says that company has turned in the proper paperwork for the repairs…

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Despite the fact that the area is known as Spring Hill, workers had no idea that they would hit water, which is now bubbling out of the ground and onto the street in two locations. Tillotson says the city has been getting a lot of calls…

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There’s no estimate on when the repairs will be completed. Tillotson says the project should take a couple of weeks, weather permitting.

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March 10, 2014


Why not siphon off all if this water and place it creeks reservoirs and holding ponds where it is needed????????

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