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Stolen Motorcycle and Forged Tags Land Suspects in Jail

A stolen vehicle recovered while police investigated a potential illegal residence.
Grass Valley Police responded to a call of a person living in a motorhome parked on private property off Stennet St near Colfax Avenue. Upon arrival Lt Alex Gammelgard says officer made contact with several subjects.

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The motorcycle had been reported stolen to the Nevada County Sheriff Office several months ago.
Suspect, Harold Anderson, was taken into custody for possession of stolen property. The other subjects at the motorhome were cited for a number of other violations and released.

In another case of minor driving infractions turning into a felony arrest, a subject was taken into custody for suspected forgery.
Nevada County Sheriff Captain, Jeff Pettitt, says a driver of a vehicle heading east bound on Empire Street near Whiting made several illegal moves that caught the eye of a sheriff deputy.*

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The deputy initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, 51 year old Russell Fowler, who when asked to produce license, registration, and insurance was unable to provide proof of registration. Upon running a DMV check, the vehicle reportedly had expired registration. The deputy noticed an inconsistency.

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When the deputy questioned Fowler about the tag, he admitted to making a copy and sticking it to the license plate.
Fowler was booked on forgery-altering a vehicle registration.

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