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Storytelling Festival This Weekend

It’s perhaps the oldest art form in human history, and it’s on display on the San Juan Ridge this weekend. Hundreds of people will be attending the 29th Sierra Storytelling Festival , which gets underway this evening at the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center. Festival coordinator Jeff Adams says it starts with a featured lineup of tellers tonight from 7:30 to 10pm. Tomorrow, there are hour-long sessions during the day, with the gala event tomorrow night…

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Another popular event is tonight at 10pm. After the featured tellers, there is an amateur session, called a ‘story slam’, where people can put their name in a hat, and if called, they get five minutes to tell a story based on a theme…

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The winner gets tickets to next year’s festival. The festival caps off Sunday with a children’s concert, and then a grand finale with short stories until 2pm. For information on the tellers, the ticket prices, food vendors available, and directions, you can go to www.sierrastorytellingfestival.org).

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