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Street Closures, Lighting, Discussed by NC Council

What was supposed to be a discussion about street closures, turned into a concern about lighting at last night’s Nevada City City Council meeting. There are about 65 different events that require street closures each year, and the council will formulate a policy on what kind of events can get street closures and who will pay for them. But the focus was on decorative lights on Commercial Street that were left up from an event in August. Vice Mayor Terri Anderson would like to make sure that doesn’t happen again…

Listen to Terri Anderson

Councilwoman Jennifer Ray would like to see any potential use of decorative lighting be included in an application for a street closure…

Listen to Jennifer Ray

The installation of the lights was never approved by the council, and the Historical Society had complained that they didn’t meet Historical Ordinance requirements. The city ordered that the lights be taken down in February. Meanwhile, several street closures were approved, including a change to Victorian Christmas, which will now run on two Wednesdays and three Sundays, instead of three Wednesdays and two Sundays. The Council is expected to re-visit the street closure policy in June.

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