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Students Benefit From Civil Air Patrol Activity

The Civil Air Patrol is an Air Force Auxiliary¬† Volunteer Organization that trains today’s youth in leadership on military bases in military discipline the wearing of the uniform, respect and integrity.
Local student Bethany Woolsey says she joined because she would eventually like to get into the Air Force Academy.
Click here to listen to Bethany Woolsey

Civil-Air-Patrol-kidsBethany who graduated from high school last June when she was 16 has completed the one week boot camp for Civil Air Patrol Cadets and travels to Auburn where 20 to 30 cadets meet for two and a half hours a week.

Click here to listen to Bethany Woolsey

The Civil Air Patrol was first organized during World War Two,, and played an important part in the war.
Click here to listen to Bethany Woolsey

Today the Civil Air Patrol  it is involved with search and rescue like finding downed planes or lost people.

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