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Here’s our list of lost and found pets. You can add your lost or found pet notices using the form at the bottom of the existing listings.  You only need to hit the “Add To Pet Patrol” button once.  Your Pet Patrol listing has to be approved before you will see it here.  Once the listing is approved it will be online for 4 days.

Lost – 09/28/2016 – Female Short Haired Border Collie
Location: Bitney Springs near Conestoga and Sleepy Hollow
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Karen (530) 263-2536

Blake with white face, chest and paws. Answers to the name of Jackie. She is wearing a leather collar.

Lost – 09/23/2016 – Male Dog
Location: Around the Bittney springs/ music mine area
Has Collar or ID tag: Yes
Contact: Ryan Hart (916) 995-5276

About 70-80 lbs. Tone. Short hair (golden tan color with black nose and eyes . LLooks similar to a Rhodesian Ridgeback

Found – 09/27/2016 – Female Cat
Location: North Bloomfield and Lazy Dog
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Julia (530) 913-8843

Long hair, tortoise shell (multicolored) Very skinny

Lost – 09/26/2016 – Male Dog – Siberian Husky
Location: Scotts Flat Rd. near 5 Mile House
Has Collar or ID tag: Yes
Contact: Justin Blumenfeld (530) 575-0579

Siberian Husky missing off Scotts Flat Rd. near the 5 Mile House on HWY 20. His name is Ranger, 7 year old male, very friendly, white with brown and ginger colored markings. He had his collar with tags on when he went missing but may be removed by now.

Lost – 09/26/2016 – Male Black Lab
Location: Mooney Flat Road, Smartsville
Has Collar or ID tag: Yes
Contact: Charisse (530) 559-4340

Male all black lab with a red collar. His name is Diesel and his family misses him like crazy!

Lost – 09/26/2016 – Male Long Haired Chihuahua
Location: Penn Valley
Has Collar or ID tag: Yes
Contact: Autumn (530) 263-7920

Black with Rust long-haired Chihuahua. He is very nervous, not very people friendly. He is somewhere between Taco Bell and Oak Canyon in Penn Valley. We think he may have hitched a ride without us knowing and got out in the Oak Canyon area- Park View road. REWARD!

Lost – 08/28/2016 – Male black and white tuxedo cat
Location: Jordan St. Nevada City near Pine St.
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Carol Cameron (530) 265-2204

Black and white tuxedo cat, large, older, timid. Reward if you find him. His name is Itty Bitty but he has grown to be a large cat.

Lost – 09/23/2016 – Female Dog
Location: Redbud Way, Nevada City
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Sammie's Friends (530) 471-5041

Red rhodesian/pit mix spayed female. Very friendly. Chipped. Slipped away from her new family.

Lost – 09/19/2016 – Male cat
Location: Pasquale RD Nevada City
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Aubrey or Jenn (530) 264-7446

2 year old neutered male cat short hair white with grey saddle and face, thin white stripe over right eye.

Lost – 09/24/2016 – Female dog
Location: Beyers lane and McCourtney Rd. Grass Valley
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Ronald Tobiassen (530) 273-9326

Black order white border collie. had collar and tags. 11 years old with short summer hair cut. docked tail
very friendly and timid. Rabies tag from Rough and Ready clinic.

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