Pet Patrol

Here’s our list of lost and found pets. You can add your lost or found pet notices using the form at the bottom of the existing listings.  You only need to hit the “Add To Pet Patrol” button once.  Your Pet Patrol listing has to be approved before you will see it here.  Once the listing is approved it will be online for 4 days.

Lost – 06/21/2016 – Female Husky
Location: Retrac way-south Nevada co.
Has Collar or ID tag: Yes
Contact: Michelle Ruhkala (530) 613-0633

Our neighbor’s family members ran away while they’re home burned down on Tuesday. Although we have signs everywhere, we are searching and walking the trails, the family left fresh water, her toy and her leash and we’re checking frequently, the owners fear she may be miles away from being so frightened. Please help spread the word to look for this sweet girl.

Lost – 06/16/2016 – Male dog
Location: Dog Bar Rd / Tiger Tail Rd / Wolf Creek Rd
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Gayle (650) 477-1377

Rusty short hair, friendly, yellow orange thick collar. He just wants attention and love. His name is Rusty.

Lost – 06/21/2016 – Male White Flame Point Cat
Location: New Rome Rd.
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Maggie (530) 277-7265

White cat with blue eyes and orange ears, tail, and paws.

Lost – 06/20/2016 – Female Dog
Location: Was lost on Pleasant Valley Road in Penn Valley between Hwy 20 and Lake wildwood
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Tammy (530) 432-4248

Female Dog named “Kip”. Dark black and copper coloring. She is a kelpie. Does have a purple collar and license. Please contact if you have her she is very much missed by her kids.

Lost – 06/16/2016 – Male Long hair cat
Location: Dry Creek Road
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Margaret Duffy (530) 432-8875

Tabby cat, long hair, white chest, paws, white above nose. Black on top gradually to strips.

Lost – 06/17/2016 – Male Sulcata Tortoise Baby
Location: Lake of the Pines
Has Collar or ID tag: No
Contact: Amanda (530) 687-2404

Lost our baby Sulcata tortoise last night around six pm when it wandered out of our yard. He fits in the palm of your hand and is brownish… He is very sweet and is the love of our three children’s lives. Last seen in our yard on lakefront lot in lake of the pines.

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