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Supervisor Rallies Support for Covered Bridge

Advocates for historical preservation, environmental conservation, and economic development in Western Nevada County believe that the Covered Bridge at Bridgeport is important to the community.
Supervisor Hank Weston and other local community members met at the Covered Bridge Wednesday morning with members of the Sacramento press and administrators of the California State Parks and Recreation Department to gain support for funding work on stabilizing and accelerating restoration of the historical structure.
Click here to listen to Supervisor Hank Weston

Weston says the Covered Bridge contributes to the economic health of the community in a variety of ways
Click here to listen to Supervis0r Hank Weston

According to the Supervisor, the State Parks Department has between 20 and 40 million dollars earmarked for deferred maintenance for state parks. Weston estimates Nevada County needs about $800,000 to match a federal grant in order to complete the Covered Bridge restoration.

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