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Supervisors Approve Code Enforcement Resolution

Nevada County property owners who fail to pay code enforcement assessments may find the cost of those assessments tacked on to their property tax bill.  The Nevada County Supervisors today approved a resolution to allow property to be assessed for code violation abatement, even though the resolution is already allowed by state law.  Tex Ritter the  Director of Nevada County Collections Division  says property owners in violation of  building or health and safety codes  are given several warnings.
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Supervisor Nate Beason cited some of the code violations in his District 1.
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Ritter says there are currently 19 cases of property owners who have failed to pay abatement  costs of their code violations. Supervisor Ed Scofield  said there’s no other option on this point.
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Chuck Shea the President of CAB-PRO, California Association of Business, Property and Resource Owners, argued that the county should  not pass this resolution and should review  the entire code enforcement. He says CAB-PRO has hired three investigators to interview code violators.

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The code violation abatement assessments will be added to affected property owners 2013-2014 property tax bill.

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