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Supervisors Extend ERC Contract

Nevada County Supervisors not only renewed the contract between the county and the Economic Resource Council at their meeting today, but extended it to a two year contract.   The E-R-C will receive 125,000 thousand dollars each year to promote business and tourism in the county,  for a total of $250,000 .  ERC Executive Director,  Robert Trent says the ERC has already  been working to promote tourism .
Click here to listen to Robert Trent

Steve DeSena who sits on the ERC Board representing the Nevada County Realtors Association, says another  goal is to showcase Nevada County to all age groups.
Click here to listen to Stephen DeSena

The new contract incorporates stipulations the ERC must meet such as coming up with a revised business Plan and continuing the success and integrity of the Go Nevada County dot com website. Failure to hit target dates for action items will stop the funding.

Eve Diamond, Board Analyst for the County Supervisors worked with the ERC to draft the contract that is designed to have the Economic Resource Council and it’s programs self-sustaining at the end of the two years. The contract will not be extended beyond June of 2015.

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