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Suspect Arrested for Ripping Off Ex-Husband

A victim called the Nevada County Sheriff when he awoke to find his ex-wife rummaging through his apartment just after midnight Thursday morning. Sheriff Keith Royal says when officers arrived at the Penn Valley apartment they began to sort out the victim’s and suspect’s stories. The victim said he heard someone in the apartment.
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The victim confronted his ex-wife, Heather Riley, 41 of Nevada City, at the neighbor’s apartment and that’s when deputies arrived. The victim claimed Riley was hiding his money in her pants.
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Royal says that Riley ultimately confessed to taking her ex’s property and the victim was able to recover everything. However, his prescription bottle was empty.
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In addition, while Riley was being booked into the jail, she was found to have suspected methamphetamine in her wallet. Riley was charged with burglary and a number of drug related offenses.

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November 22, 2013

Warren McGee

WOW!!!!!! What a world we live in!!!!!!

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