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Suspect Arrested Twice Same Day

A Grass Valley man was arrested  twice Friday after trying to break into cars to allegedly steal items.  Grass Valley Police Sgt. Johnson says a good samaritan led to the first  arrest of 23 year old Brandon Michael Sinnock at the Holiday Inn Express parking lot in Grass Valley.
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Police identified  Sinnock, who was on probation with search and seizure terms.
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Sinnock   was booked and released on bail the same day.  Friday evening the  officer who had arrested Sinnock that morning received a call of a man taking a purse out of a car in the 12 hundred block of East Main Street.    Sinnock was  located and the officer found a credit card and an ATM card that did not belong to Sinnock as well as  drug paraphernalia another hypodermic needle and a large brick concealed in his waistband,  which Sinnock said he was going to use to smash things.
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Bail for Sinnock  was set at $39,000.

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