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Suspect Eludes Deputies and Helicopter

A routine traffic stop turned into a short pursuit and a call for the CHP helicopter midday Tuesday. Nevada County Sheriff Captain Jeff Pettit says a deputy attempted to initiate a vehicle stop in the area of Ridge Road and Hughes Road and the vehicle refused to yield for the officer.

Click here to listen to Captain Jeff Pettit

As soon as the vehicle refused to stop, the CHP was requested to assist by air.

Click here to listen to Captain Jeff Pettit

Deputies continued to search the area but were unable to locate the suspect. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office.


December 4, 2013

Douglas Keachie

A forward firing special tennis ball sized paintball, with a distinctive paint, would end high speed chases.

For every 10th of a mile after being hit the vehicle travels, the fine is $100. Anyone who phones in a sighting of such a vehicle, shares the pot. The vehicle is sold if necessary to raise the pot.

Next time some innocent dies in a high speed chase, think about this again, and realize is common sense, well ahead of its time, not crack-potism. This with hit home for sure if you know the individual who needlessly loses their life. It is not hard to design interlocks to prevent a misfire, BTW.

December 4, 2013

James Master

Who was this, Dillinger? Don't these guys have anything better to do in their expenditure of tax dollars than chase some bozo around Lidster?

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