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Suspected Drug Dealers Busted in CHP Parking Lot

Two suspects pulled into the CHP parking lot for expired registration, and were arrested for drug possession. CHP Public Information Officer Marc Morrison says an officer saw a car with expired registration, and stopped the car with two males in the car, Monday evening. Officer Morrison says the officer smelled marijuana coming from the car and a search was conducted on the car. Officer Morrison says suspected drugs were found.

“A search revealed quite a few things. We found over three pounds of marijuana. We did find some burnt marijuana also, nearly a pound of marijuana hash, methamphetamines and three loaded pistols.”

54 year old Robert Avila and 57 year old David Roper both of North San Juan were taken into custody on a variety of suspected drug charges, including felons in possession of fire arms. Officer Morrison says one of the guns found was a forty-five caliber automatic, in a bag within reach of both men.

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