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Suspected Intoxicated Driver Attempts To Outrun CHP

A driver suspected of being intoxicated attempted to outrun the CHP in the Auburn Area and lead them on a pursuit all the way past  Highway 20 on eastbound I-80 early Christmas morning. Officer Chris Nave says the first call came in reporting a reckless driver near Dry Creek Road.
Click here to listen to Officer Chris Nave

The car slid up against the dividing wall several times and narrowly missed hitting other cars it passed as it continued east bound on 80 until the driver lost control.
Click here to listen to Officer Chris Nave

The driver was transported to Forest Hospital in Truckee where he became uncooperative and was held until he was taken into custody and charged with suspected DUI, evading a police officer with disregard for public safety, resisting arrest, and suspected of being under a controlled substance.

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