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Suspects Take Cash in Home Invasion Robbery

Auburn Police report a home invasion robbery took place on Thursday November 24th at about 2 am at 195 Shields avenue in Auburn. An unknown male and female wearing dark clothing and gloves entered the victim’s residence and confronted the victim in her bedroom.  The male demanded a specific item from the victim and referred to the victim by a name other than the victim’s.  The victim grabbed a baseball bat to defend herself and the male suspect was able to take the bat from the victim then assault her with it causing minor injuries.  The victim was forced to the ground and kicked by the male suspect.  The male and female then used duct tape to tape the victim’s mouth, hands and feet.  The suspects stole the victim’s cash from her purse then partially pushed her down a stairwell as they fled the residence.  The suspects are believed to have fled on foot through a downstairs doorway in an unknown direction.  The victim was treated and later released from the hospital for injuries sustained during the robbery.  The crime is actively being investigated. 

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