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Suspicious Device in Glenbrook Shopping Center is Identified

Grass Valley Police now know the makeup of a suspicious devise that was discovered in the Glenbrook Plaza Shopping Center Parking lot yesterday (Wednesday) morning.  Captain Rex Marks says the Placer County Sheriff’s Department Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team came out with their special trailer and x rayed the can and determined it was safe to pick it up and take it away. Captain Marks says they determined the object was fitted with hobby fuse and could have caused injury.

“They did go ahead and explode it and then examined it. What they found was a hobby fuse so it would have eventually burned, it could have heated the can and eventually fragmented the can.”

The can was wrapped with black electrical tape with fuse coming out of it.  Captain Marks says he believes someone specifically placed it in the shopping center parking lot, but no suspects have been identified.

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