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SYRCL Launches River Monitor Program

Although the South Yuba River State Park was saved from closure, severe cutbacks in services such as park rangers and trash pickup are putting the most popular river access areas in jeopardy.
This summer, SYRCL is launching a River Ambassador Program .  SYRCL Director, Caleb Dardick says it’s  a volunteer-based initiative to reach out to the 450,000 annual Yuba River users about how both local residents and out-of-towners can help keep the river clean, safe and healthy.

click to hear Caleb Dardick

SYRCL’s plan is to recruit 25 to 30 volunteers to monitor the Hwy 49 bridge and Purdon crossing areas of the Yuba River, walking up and down and talking  to people about trash, their dogs and illegal campfires.

click to hear Caleb Dardick

SYRCL is also looking to fill  two, part-time paid positions for River Captains to coordinate the volunteer effort.  Appllications need to be in to SYRCL by June 15th.  River Monitor Volunteers can also sign up now at the website Yuba River Dot Org.

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