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SYRCL says Nevada County Betrayed by State Parks

State parks officials pleaded poverty, cut services and said state parks had to close…including Bridgeport  on the South Yuba River in Nevada County and  Malakoff-Diggins 17 miles outside Nevada City.
Funds raised by Nevada County residents helped keep the parks here open…and now the Sacramento Bee and Los Angeles Times are reporting the state parks system secretly hid $54 million dollars as the agency in Sacramento said it lacked cash. State Parks director Ruth Coleman has resigned. Her second in command has been fired.
Caleb Dardick is executive director of the South Yuba River Citizens League in Nevada City…which helped raise funds for the parks here.. Dardick says of the two state officials….

click to hear Caleb Dardick

Dardick says state parks abused the trust of Nevada County residents,
click to hear Caleb Dardick

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