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SYRCL Signature Campaign, Halfway There

The South Yuba River Citizens league or SYRCL has been collecting signatures since December 12th to present to the governor to stop the scheduled closures our state parks The South Yuba river State park and Malikoff Diggins state historic park in Nevada County are 2 of the 70 state parks slated to close in July of 2012. Caleb Dardick the executive director SYRCL says there goal was 5000 signatures in 30 days.

“We set an ambitious goal that night of 5,000 signatures in 30 days and I am pleased to report that two weeks later we are at 4,600 and counting, almost there. And now we’re hoping to be able to get to 5,000 on New Year’s Eve and in fact, we’ll even have volunteers tabling in front of the Miners Foundry for the New Year’s Eve party in Nevada City.”

Dardick knows that signatures alone will not keep the parks open and says SYRCL supports a vehicle fee to balance the parks budget but says the state must live up to its commitments.

“We’re willing to work with the state to provide new revenue. We’re for charging for parking at Bridgeport because it’s better to pay a little bit than to have them close permanently. I don’t think you can pay for all the services that the parks have provided in terms of security, law enforcement and maintenance strictly on parking. But at least it’s a sacrifice in the local community and for the park users. But we still need the state to honor its commitment and to protect these parks that are such an important part of our community.”  

For more information about the petition and how you can support our state parks you can go to the SYRCL web site at yubariver.org.

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