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SYRCL Threatens Lawsuit to Protect Yuba River Fish

SYRCL, The South Yuba River Citizens League Wednesday  issued a notice of intent to file suit against the US Army corps of Engineers for failure to  protect  three species of endangered Yuba River fish, the spring-run Chinook salmon, Steelhead,  and green Sturgeon.  Last February SYRCL won a lawsuit declaring that two Army Corps of Engineers Dams , Englebright and Daguerre Point on the Yuba river, are jeopardizing survival and recovery of these three fish species.  The National Marine Fisheries Service then issued a Biological Opinion ordering the Army Corps to take action .   SYRCL Executive Director, Caleb Dardick  says so far the Army Corp of Engineers  has not taken steps to protect the fish.

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Dardick says SYRCL issued a notice of intent to file suit   in order to be able to return to Federal court in 60 days , should attempts fail to persuade the Army Corps to drop it’s opposition to the Biological Opinion’s requirements and begin implementing them.

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