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Tax Day For Nevada County and the Nation

Today is April 15th–Tax Day, and for many of us, we’re scrambling to get our returns done and filed on time. For those who do their own taxes, Internal Revenue Service spokesman David Tucker says at least you don’t have to worry about too many changes in tax law this year…

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With people rushing to finish their returns, common mistakes can be made. Tucker says the most common are simpole math errors, and people forgetting to sign their returns…

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That can lead to delays in processing your return, or perhaps even a phone call or letter from the I-R-S. Tucker says if you can’t make the deadline, and need an extension, there’s a simple way to do it…

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If you owe money, you still have to pay now. You can call the I-R-S to make payment arrangements. Returns must be postmarked today if you mail the returns–that means get them in the mailbox before the last pickup, which is around 5pm. You are encouraged to file electronically. If you do that, you have until 11:59pm.

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