Paul Haas

Paul Haas


Thank You for Your Compassion and Generosity

I am constantly impressed with the amount of compassion and generosity that Nevada County residents display in times of need. Recently KNCO has run several stories about county residents that are experiencing hardships- specifically young children fighting cancer- and the community has responded with generous donations to help the families in need.

My heart swells each time I hear of another act of kindness. Anonymous donors helping others facing physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Toys for Tots, numerous food drives, Women of Worth Giving Trees, The 21st Annual Toy Run, CHP Toy Drive, Police Department Gift Distribution efforts, Hospitality House, and so many more; all to benefit the families in need in Nevada County.

Thank you for all that you give- not only in money, food, and gifts, but your time as well. Your compassion and generosity are overwhelming to me. I am proud to say that I live in Nevada County.

Happy Holidays to All!



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