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The 2nd Annual Nevada City Foreign Car Show

The 2nd annual Nevada city foreign car show isn’t until June 9th but car owners are asked to begin registration now, as space is limited. There were 100 cars at last year’s show and organizers are hoping to allow for adequate space for everyone who wants to enter by getting an early start. Megan Timpany with United way of Nevada County says the variety of classic foreign cars at last year’s show was impressive.

“We had some really wonderful Mercedes, some Ferraris, Maseratis, some BMWs, MGBs, Aston Healeys, I think that we had maybe 10 Aston Healeys last year, lots of different kinds of cars and even some you’ve never heard of.”

Foreign car owners can register for the show at the United Way of Nevada County Web Site at uwnc dot org or the Sierra Sports Car Group web site at sierra sports car group dot com. For more information on all the festivities planned for the car show you can call the Nevada City chamber of commerce at 265-2692.

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