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The Cameras in Memorial Park are Working to Reduce Vandalism

After years of vandalism, litter and graffiti at Memorial Park in Grass Valley 3 surveillance cameras were installed in on September 7th of this year. Since the camera installation vandalism and littering in the park according the Grass Valley Police Sgt Steve Johnson, has drastically reduced.

“The cameras have proven to be just a tremendous deterrent for crime in the park there and especially around the memorial and the monuments there. What we’ve seen is basically since they were installed, we almost saw an immediate drop in calls for service; much less vandalism, if any and other criminal activities where the cameras are monitoring.”

Ron Montgomery with the American Legion Post #130 in Grass Valley says they haven’t found any vandalism since the cameras were installed. 

“We haven’t had any new incidents of vandalism or graffiti and the amount of litter and trash has gone to almost zero. The memorial area is very precious to those of us who served our country. They have such importance that we wanted to preserve this area.”

Montgomery says a fourth camera is expected to be installed that will cover even more of the park but a date has not been set for installation.

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