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The Challenges of Doing Good Deeds

It’s very rewarding to do good deeds for people, but often it comes with a great challenge. The Interfaith Food Ministry is a local organization that provides regular deliveries of food to Nevada County residents that are “food insecure”; people that don’t always know where their next meal is coming from.
Following the showing of a short video produced for Interfaith Food Ministry, at a fundraising event for the organization, Executive Director Sue Vanson says the number is staggering.

Click here to listen to Sue VanSon

4000 families equates to about 13,000 food insecure people in Nevada County. 449 volunteers help provide groceries to IFM clients 3 days a week every other week- but with a new facility, IFM will begin weekly offerings. However, in order to do so, the number of volunteers will need to increase as well as donations. The Cajun Style dinner and auction raised several thousand dollars for IFM, but more will be needed as the year progresses.

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