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The Grass Valley Center for the Arts is Looking for Your Votes for Nonprofit Partners in 2012

The Grass Valley Center for the Arts is looking for your votes for nonprofit partners in 2012. Julie Baker with the center says their new Community nonprofit partner program will feature a nonprofit partner for each month of 2012. They will be selected based on the highest number of votes for the nonprofit to their web site. Baker outlines what the winning non profit will get as the nonprofit partner of the month.

“Each month the community will choose a different nonprofit that we will partner with and they will receive an actual banner on our website. They’ll be in an e-mail blast that we’ll do in an newsletter, they’ll have a presence in our lobby and they’ll also have a presence in our drop down screen before the shows.”

The web site to vote is thecenterforthearts.org and click on ‘nominate your favorite nonprofit.’ Nominations will close December 24th of this year and the top 12 voted on non profits will be contacted to implement the monthly program. Baker says Women of Worth has already been selected for January’s nonprofit partner as they have already garnered a number of votes on the web site.

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