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The Great Dialogue Tea Party Debate

Billed as a Civil Discussion of Current Events that spans the political divide, The Great Dialogue, sponsored by the Nevada County Tea Party Patriots, features Guest Speakers Paul Emery and George Rebane. Local Tea party president Stan Meckler says it will be a civil discussion between friends.

“They’re from opposite sides of the political spectrum, they’re terrific friends and they get together once a week and have a very courteous dialog between them and they’re going to continue that dialog onstage and we’re inviting the whole community to come see this. It’s going to be a time where nobody is yelling and screaming and the audience will be able to participate. We’ll give out cards at the beginning of it.”

The Great Dialogue is Tuesday September 27th at 6:30 pm at the Nevada County Horsemen’s Club on Bubbling Wells Rd in Grass Valley; the event is free to the public.

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