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The Nevada County Court House To Stay In Downtown

Where is the new court house to be built and who is responsible for formulating a plan to get it done? Those were a couple of the questions that hadn’t been answered over the last year and the State Office of the Courts was ready to pull the funding for a new Nevada County court house unless some consensus from city and county leaders could be reached.

Thursday afternoon a private meeting of stake holders in the new courthouse, was held and over 2 hours, a consensus was reached at least according to Nevada City Vice Mayor Dwayne Strawser, on the location.

“Location is everything and was the primary focus of the meeting yesterday, was to come to an agreement that yes it is critical and yes we do agree we want to keep our court house in a downtown location.”

Now that rebuilding on the current site has been established as feasible, whether or not temporary buildings will be used during reconstruction or using existing areas of the court house, Strawser says it’s important to have everyone on the same page to provide a united effort to the Office of the courts.

“Then we can start working in baby steps to get the building we need and want as far as fitting in the historic architecture of downtown that is not a critical point; we need the AOC to understand that we are working with them cooperating with them, and that financially, bare bones, it’s critical that we keep that down town for our local merchants, that’s the lowdown’.

Strawser says several groups are concerned about tearing down all or part of the historic building. Strawser says the important thing is to secure funding from and work with the AOC and work out the various details with the community throughout the building process.

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