Hollie Grimaldi-Flores

Hollie Grimaldi-Flores


Hollie Grimaldi Flores was born in Binghamton, New York and raised in a nearby suburb, Vestal. She is the youngest of seven children. In 1985 Hollie moved to California with a degree in radio and television production out of Syracuse, NY. She worked for an award winning video production company, David Watts Productions, in San Francisco and for the writer of a top weekly radio show, Countdown USA in Marin County as well as for KRCB-TV, a public access television station in Rohnert Park, CA before moving to Grass Valley in 1995. After relocating to Nevada County, Hollie worked in a mechanical engineering firm and eventually started her own bookkeeping business before deciding to pursue a return to her first love  broadcasting. Hollie is past president of Soroptimist International of Grass Valley and the Board of Directors of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition. Hollie has two children from a previous marriage. Trevor Daniel Wade born in 1990 and Courtney Taylor Wade born in 1994. She is married to Ernie Flores and is sharing the responsibility of raising five boys: Michael, Stephen, Nicholas, Christopher and Timothy aged 26 to 17 as well. When not at the station, Hollie enjoys spending time watching local sports, hiking at the river, reading and attending local events with friends.

The Right to Vote

A good friend of mine shares this every year when it’s time to vote. It makes me smile every time. I hope you enjoy it too.

Ok – Election day means I get to tell this story again this year:
I always vote – my parents taught me that it was a right and a privilege and that I should be proud to exercise my civic duties in this way. I tried to teach my son Nate the same thing, so both me and his father would bring him into the voting booth when he was growing up. He liked to pull the levers we selected. One year – he was 8 years old and he went into the booth with me. I told him everyone I was voting for and why, and he pulled the levers down. When I was finished, his Dad followed me into the booth and Nate got to do the same with him. It was after work and before dinner time at the polling place (Chester B. Lord school on Riverside Drive for those that know the area) and there was a long line. After I finished, I walked to the end of the line and stood by the door. Once Nate and David came out of the booth, Nate searched for me and screamed at the top of his lungs down the line of at least 30 people, “Mom, Dad voted for all the wrong people!” Screaming laughter ensued in the place. No better civics lesson than that! So – here’s the preachy part – GO OUT AND VOTE – remember, its our privilege!. Have a great day!

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