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Theft, Threats, and Lurking Lead to GV Arrests

Another repeat offender was picked up in Grass Valley on Sunday for attempting to steal a cell phone as well as violating terms of his early release. Suspect Trevor Warren was seen taking a cell phone from the display case at KMART Sunday and was later located at a Buena Vista Street address by Grass Valley Police. Apparently Warren had grabbed the phone and hid it on his person while hiding in the bathroom at the store.
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Warren was arrested for a number of theft related charges as well as the violation of his early release stipulations.
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With the enactment of AB 109 more lower level state prisoners are being released back into the county which then report to a probation officer rather than parole officer.

An arrest was also made for criminal threats as well as weapons and resisting arrest following the report from a woman of a male threatening her and some other people in the area. Grass Valley Police responded to the caller and was able to locate the suspect, Christopher Wilson, a short distance away in a cemetery.
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Apparently the serial numbers on the Smith and Wesson handgun had also been altered. Wilson was booked on a variety of charges.

Also, Sunday morning around 5:30 an alert Grass Valley Poice officer noticed a male subject crouched by some businesses on Idaho Maryland Rd. near the roundabout. The officer knew none of the businesses were open at that hour so he approached the subject and confronted 40 year old James Wedge.
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Wedge was transported and booked at the Nevada County Jail.

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