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There Ought NOT to be a Law

Senator Doug LaMalfa (R – Richvale) today reminded constituents to submit entries for his second annual “There Ought Not To Be A Law” contest prior to the Friday, December 9 deadline. LaMalfa says the contest is open to all constituents or business owners in the Fourth Senate District. *

“When you talk to people all around the district, they say, ‘you guys pass a lot of laws there in Sacramento. For every law you pass, you ought to repeal five or ten or something like that.’ We’ll never repeal that many because that isn’t the nature of the place, but I thought with this contest, we could at least get the pulse of what people are thinking out there and run one bill anyway and try to take some of them off the books which makes someone’s life a little easier and illustrates my whole direction, which is that we need to downsize government.”  

The winning entry will be crafted into a bill and taken through the legislative process. Additionally, the person who submitted the idea will be invited to join Senator LaMalfa at lunch and will receive a California State flag that has flown over the Capitol.

 Proposals for the contest may be submitted by completing a form on Senator LaMalfa’s website at <http://www.sen.ca.gov/lamalfa>.

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